Voucher Terms

Terms of Replacement Credit Voucher:  


  1. This Voucher is redeemable only on presentation by the bearer at Kurlon Stores or the stores of authorized Kurlon Dealers 

  1. This Voucher may be redeemed only during its validity period of 45 days, which shall not be extended under any circumstances  

  1. This Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque  

  1. This Voucher cannot be redeemed for products other than Mattress 

  1. This Voucher cannot be redeemed in part for mattress and part for products other than mattress 

  1. This Voucher cannot be clubbed with special offer products or any other offer 

  1. Each Voucher can be redeemed against purchase of one mattress only 

  1. Kurlon is not responsible for any unauthorized or fraudulent purchase made using this Voucher; the holder of this Voucher shall be solely responsible for the safe custody of this Voucher; the company will not be responsible for the loss of this Voucher 

  1. No duplicate will be issued if the Voucher is lost, misplaced, stolen or defaced 

  1. Purchases exceeding the value of this Voucher shall be settled by cash or credit card 

  1. No other discount / offer is applicable on purchase with this Voucher 

  1. Kurlon reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Voucher at its discretion without prior notice 

  1. Your old mattress will be taken back at the time of delivering the replacement mattress purchased through redemption of this Voucher. Please note that the delivery of the replacement mattress and collection of old mattress will be done from the same address which is registered with us.

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