Kurlon COVID19 Readiness

At Kurlon, health and safety of all our stakeholders has and shall always be our utmost priority. To ensure the highest level of diligence, standard operating procedures have been created by a special task force to focus on all touch points in our processes.

Safety of internal stakeholders
Our team members work in offices, manufacturing facilities, stores and with customers.
• All our Stores, Manufacturing Units, Office spaces, Warehouses and Logistic Units have been thoroughly sanitized.
• Every employee who has resumed work has undergone a rigorous training of hygiene and social distancing practices as mandated by government directives.
• Our safety task force has mandated additional precautionary measures for our team members’ personal health and safety at the work place and at home

• We have made all our communications digital and all our customer executives are  following contactless procedures to identify and rectify complaints and concerns. This may lead to some delay in catering the requests but all are attended without fail.

Safety of all other stakeholders
To ensure the safety of all our other stakeholders, including our customers, vendors and partners, we will be taking the following precautions:
- At all our physical locations, our business partners, associates and customers will be required to go through a mandatory temperature screening and will have to adhere to all the social distancing guide specified by our standard operating procedures
- We also offer contactless payment options to our customers at our Exclusive stores.
- As an added measures we are requiring sanitation of delivery vehicles.
We thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this time.