Kurlon Brand

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As the name suggests, the Luxurino is a spring mattress designed to lull you away to your best sleep. It comes with MSI technology for zero disturbance when there is...

₹ 33,599.00
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The Bandhani Mattresses are inspired by the Bandhani Craftsmanship which has a common belief that it brings good luck. Strikingly unique to the eyes, this design is sure to woo...

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The Kalamkari is a designer Foam mattress which is inspired by the Kalamkari technique in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. It is an exquisitely created designer mattress...

₹ 15,599.00
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Magnum Plus

Experience marvelous mornings sleep on Magnum Plus mattress equipped with natural pure coir core with advance center coir densification technology which stays resilient and comfortable on your back with the ultimate high resilience anti-microbiol foam Box Top comfort...

₹ 13,699.00
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Mysore Silk Plus

Inspired by the bright coloured and intricate weaving techniques of Mysore Silk sarees, the mattress brings a sense of royalty and liveliness. It’s specially designed for newly weds and those...

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The expertise of Kurl-on combined with the natural goodness of coir. Kurl-on Alive is guaranteed to have you waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead. Product Features...

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Diamond, as is the gemstone, so is this mattress when it comes to comfort. This is a foam mattress that is light weight and easy to use thereby reducing efforts...

From ₹ 7,699.00
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Activ 3 Zone

Introducing Kurl-on Activ 3 Zone mattress. Now rest, revive and move with specialised 3 zone orthopedic layer mattress. ACTIV 3 ZONE mattress offers variable support for the main areas of...

From ₹ 17,499.00
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1. Generous thickness Re - Bonded foam core layer - Ultra firm support to the spine & body as-well 2. High density PU foam quilt on top & bottom -...

From ₹ 7,599.00
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It doesn’t get better than Kurl-on Dazzle. The top-class engineering in this mattress ensures that you have that luxury comfort and a sleep experience unlike anything else. Product features Coir...

₹ 15,699.00
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Indulge in the kind of sleep you’ve always dreamt about with Kurl-on Nirvana. This five-layer luxury mattress is a blissful blend of ultra-soft comfort and bounce to help give you...

₹ 33,499.00
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Let your sleep be as legendary as your dreams. Kurl-on Legend is a medium-soft mattress that ensures that you always have a balanced surface along with optimal back support. The...

From ₹ 7,699.00
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