Kurlon Brand

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Pure Coir

This rubberized coir mattress offers the most natural comfort as it has been crafted with the finest natural elements, providing an incomparable sleep. With an Premium polycotton fabric, it offers a blissful sleeping experience. Product...

From ₹ 5,199.00
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Kurlo Bond

Kurlo Bond is made up of thick bonded foam, sandwich between high density coir block, the core LMF Pad makes the mattress firm and the RC layer gives it a springy effect, because of...

From ₹ 10,699.00
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With PU Foam quilt (top) and High Density Foam (bottom), Sparkle comes with one more unique feature: ‘High GSM polycotton fabric', which is skin-friendly and gives a soft feel. This...

From ₹ 6,399.00
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Dream Sleep

A real champion of a mattress – five power-packed layers designed to enhance sleep quality while increasing durability. Symmetrically layered with PU Foam quilt at the top and bottom; Thermobond...

From ₹ 8,599.00
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Spine Therapy

A mattress that combines beauty with therapy! Just what the doctor may recommend for spine and back trouble! The High Density Bonded Foam core provides that critical firm support. While...

From ₹ 15,499.00
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Desire Top

As the name goes, the Desire top is a soft Bonnell Spring mattress that has a pillow top on both its sides. This is a special feature that lends extra...

From ₹ 12,699.00
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A multi-layered Foam Mattress designed to give you the correct sleep posture thanks to its Bonded Foam in the core. Further reinforced by PU Foam layers on both sides to...

From ₹ 29,599.00
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A Coir Mattress enhanced by Advanced Centre Densification and Vertical Compression Technology. Designed for that premium look, this Box Top Mattress provides excellent support thanks to a High Resilience layer...

From ₹ 13,699.00
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Relish Pillow Top

A Spring Mattress engineered by technology. MSI (Motion Separation Index) Technology stabilizes the entire mattress so that weight shifted on one side does not disturb the other. Pocket springs ensure...

From ₹ 12,699.00
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Angelica Box Top

This Box Top mattress has pocket springs at its core that enhance Flexibility, while the side walls prevent sagging. Motion Separation Index technology ensures that any body movement on one...

₹ 22,599.00
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Ortho Magic

A unique mattress with bonded foam for extra support, Ortho magic has cotton satin tapestry with delicate quilt patterns. It is scientifically designed for total back-cum-spine support and highly recommended...

From ₹ 12,499.00
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Diamond, as is the gemstone, so is this mattress when it comes to comfort. This is a foam mattress that is light weight and easy to use thereby reducing efforts...

From ₹ 7,699.00
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