As India’s most admired home comfort products company and superbrand, Kurl-on can offer you a variety of opportunities and exposure, everything one expects from a dynamic organization.

When you embark on a career with Kurl-on, you become part of a leading company with ample opportunities to excel in your career. As you put in your share, you will be groomed and developed for greater responsibilities. Most of all, you will be joining a family of diverse yet, like-minded individuals, who work together with mutual respect and trust.

Our long legacy of success can be attributed to the combined talent of more than 1200 employees. In return, we offer our employees a career that is exciting and fulfilling.

A Better Future Starts Here

We believe in building a relationship with our employees – even before they become a part of our family. You can be assured that our recruitment process takes place with utmost confidentiality, respect, and most of all, fairness.

Campus Placements

Management Trainee, Sales Trainee, Engineering Trainee & Commercial Trainee Programs

As India’s most admired home comfort products company, at Kurl-on, we believe that it is our responsibility to nurture and groom future talent by providing the right platform.

Through this initiative, we recruit trainees and give them the right inputs to become future leaders at Kurl-on. Our Management Trainee, Sales Trainee, Engineering Trainee & Commercial Trainee programs are learning initiatives developed to further develop trainees’ skills through practice & orientation, both on and off the job. These programs allow them to experience the corporate culture at Kurl-on and learn the dynamics of the external business environment and prepare them for future challenges.

KURL-ON Internship Program

At Kurl-on, we shoulder the responsibility of shaping the future of the industry. The Internship strongly supports Kurl-on’s philosophy of strengthening the industry-academia relationship.

Interns are an important element of Kurl-on’s diverse talent pool. They’re young and dynamic with fresh ideas and have a go-getter attitude. Through the Internship program, we aim to induct the summer trainees into the Kurl-on way of business and prepare them to meet future challenges.

This talent pool will be the torch-bearers of the future, and training them is an opportunity we see, for Kurl-on to establish itself as a preferred destination for potential employees.

Lateral Placements

Other than opportunities provided to homegrown managers, Kurl-on, also builds its leadership pipeline by recruiting professionals from the industry.

There are various channels through which one can apply to work at Kurl-on - the Kurl-on website, online job portals, recruitment consultants, employee referral, social media etc.

This enables Kurl-on to diversify its workforce to meet its future challenges.

Take on the world. Everyday

KURL-ON is a SUPERBRAND in every sense of the word. Our wide spectrum of businesses and diverse types of jobs offer you an equally broad range of valuable experience and opportunities. When you embark on your career in KURL-ON, you will work in a truly dynamic setting.

A Career in Shaping the Future

KURL-ON provides you opportunities to shape your future. Here, you find a transparent career path that lets you know where you are, where you are headed, and how you can get there. Individual performance and aspirations are discussed in regular sessions of open dialogue, complemented by a host of development programs designed to foster your strengths.

Our Greatest Asset: You

As a member of the KURL-ON family, your unique talent and perspectives add to our strength. Along with a community of 1200 colleagues, you will continue to drive our company’s success.

We respect every individual regardless of race, caste or religion and work as a collective whole, with a common goal. Everyone is empowered with responsibility and knowledge, and supported within a caring community.

Our Family

Colleagues…Team…Friends. Whatever you may call your co-workers, you will find a place in our KURL-ON family. Whether you are planning a long-term career, looking to advance your position, or fresh out of university, you will fulfill your need here. With our employee-friendly policies, you will be able to pursue your career while maintaining a work-life balance.

Being a part of the KURL-ON family also means you get to work with some of the brightest and best in the industry. At KURL-ON, talent from diverse disciplines and backgrounds come together to form the Best Team in the industry. You will be amongst people who embody the KURL-ON spirit – passionate, pioneering and professional – in all they do…!!!

A Chance to Shape Your Future

Take the opportunity to shape the future you want to see. Be equipped and groomed to take on greater roles as you grow with us.

Employee Development at KURL-ON

There is an annual, formal one-to-one meeting with your manager called the EMPLOYEE DIALOGUE which is the connecting link to the overall Performance Management System & Career Development Process.

EMPLOYEE DIALOGUE allows employees to align their career ambitions with a personalized training and development plan. Employees are equipped better to understand what they have to do to get where they want to be in KURL-ON. Employees can close skills gaps, hone existing abilities and develop new ones – EMPLOYEE DIALOGUE equips employees with all the tools they need to take them to the next step in their career in KURL-ON.