Upgrade your sleeping experience to ethereal bliss with the Kurl-on Imagine. Equipped with high resilience PU foam core,the mattress offers an additional bounce which ups the comfort factor. The Anti-Microbial polyester filled fabric also keeps your mattress microbe-free for years together.

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Kurlopedic Technology

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Product Features

  • High resilience generous thickness core for more bounce & firmness on your back.

  • High density of 100% memory foam comfort layer with generous thick quilting that takes the shape of the body & controls body temperature by ensuring extra plush comfort.

  • PU foam tapestry quilt for additional side support.

  • High density PU foam quilt on the bottom with the ability to withstand weight & provides superior core support.

  • Mattress crafted to perfection by luxurious knitted tapestry and unique design tailored with anti-bed bug thread locked by poly web tape finish.

  • 10 years warranty.