Drift into a luxurious slumber and wake up feeling over the moon at the Kurl-on Sleep Station. Get a 'Mattress In A Box' with ultra- knitted fabric and a plush, smooth finish. The convoluted foam core with the ultra-lush zipper cover lets you sleep in supreme comfort. Unbox today for the ultimate sleeping experience.
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Kurlopedic Technology

  • Kurl-on Anti-Bed Bug Technology mattresses
  • Kurl-on's Kurlo-Fresh Bug Technology mattresses
  • Kurl-on Anti-Dust Mite Technology mattresses
  • Kurl-on Anti-Microbial Technology mattresses

Product Features

  • High density Pure Foam with generous thickness core; bouncier & firm on your back.

  • High GSM ultra-lush tapestry with zipper; washable & hygienic

  • Denim blue fabric border to enhance aesthetics & give you a plush feel

  • Mattress crafted to perfection; luxurious knitted tapestry tailored with High GSM thread

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

  • Rolled & compressed

  • Washable zipper cover

  • Easy to carry anywhere

  • Sleep tips - Unbox – Unroll – Unwind; Rest in your dream station