Here’s a generously thick and comfortable mattress made of natural coir that will make napping a joy. Made of ACD and VCT technology, it ensures that every fibre acts as a natural spring, thereby offering optimum spine support & the much needed bounce. With Crescent, going to sleep is easy.

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Kurlopedic Technology

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Product Features

  • High density soft PU foam comfort layer for more bounce and comfort.

  • PU foam aided with special tapestry quilt with additional side support.

  • High density PU foam comfort layer pillow topped with unique quilt design giving it a superior look, feel & comfort.

  • High density PU foam quilt on the bottom with the ability to withstand weight & providing superior support.

  • Mattress crafted to perfection with poly knitted tapestry tailored with Anti-bed bug, thread locked by exclusive web tape finish.

  • 5 years warranty.