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Kurl-on's coir mattresses use bonded foam at the core. The fibre controls the temperature, provides the required firmness & support to every part of the body.


  1. Teensy

    • 1. Generous thickness Re - Bonded foam core layes Top & Bottom - Ultra firm support to the spine & body as-well
    • 2. Sandwiched with EPE block for firm support to the body
    • 3. PU foam quilt on Top for medium-firm support
    • 4. Mattress Crafted to perfection - Polyester tapestry taylored with Anti-bed bug thread locked by web tape finish
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  2. Pure Coir

    This rubberized coir mattress offers the most natural comfort as it has been crafted with the finest natural elements, providing an incomparable sleep. With an exclusive knitted fabric, it offers a blissful sleeping experience.

    • 1. Generous thickness natural coir core layer aided with ACD & VCT technology - Ultra firm support to the your spine & firm to the body as-well.
    • 2. High density PU foam comfort quilt with unique design - More comfort & bounce
    • 3. PU foam aided with special tapestry quilt design - Additonal side support
    • 4. High density PU foam quilt on bottom - Ability to withstand the wieght & provides superior support
    • 5. Mattress Crafted to perfection - Poly Knitted tapestry taylored with Anti-bed bug thread locked by exclusive web tape finish
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  3. Magnum

    Experience marvelous mornings sleep on Magnum mattress equipped with natural pure coir core with advance center coir densification technology which stays resilient and comfortable on your back with the ultimate high resilience anti-microbial foam Box Top comfort layer. Now feel on top of the world every time you sleep. Learn More

  4. Kurlo Bond

    Kurlo bond is made up of thick bonded foam, sandwich between high density coir blocks, the core bonded foam makes the mattress firm and the RC layer gives it a springy effect. It is designed with a beautiful polyester tapestry that gives mattress a fine finish. Learn More

  5. New Ortho

    You may think a any mattress can be good for your Spine. But we dis-agree find a rejuvating sleep on our Ortho mattress and wake up with zero aches and body pains. The coir with bonded foam combination offers a hard support to your body & PU foam mild quilt softens in an appropriate points to support you along with the natural lines and shape of your body. This keeps your spine aligned properly and eliminates pressure from specific body parts No more tossing and turning ortho take care of your spine. Certified by Hosmat hospital. Learn More

  6. Klassic

    The first choice of people with a penchant for style. Klassic is a legendary coir mattress by kurlon, its aided with high density coir with re-bonded foam, also addtional generous thick PU foam comfort layer with printed cotton viscose tapestry with attractive quilt patterns crafted to perfection with kurlopedic technology for a dreamlike first touch that you will enjoy every single time you sleep on it. Learn More